Father's Baby Shower: Building Block Making

Rob Payne Organic Artist Studio Entrance

Rob Payne Organic Artist Studio Entrance

One to Three Day Exclusive Work Shop

For years women have traditionally had baby showers where friends and family gather to share the joy of their unborn family member soon to be born. Games are played and gifts are shared to fulfill some of the infants beginning needs. Although in today's world, some Fathers may attend these events, it is still recognized as a woman's event. I have created a baby shower directed towards the Father, although women are welcome to attend as well.  

With most toys and, or educational products being manufactured from plastics and overseas, I have created a workshop where you, with my instruction, the use of my professional wood shop and beautiful raw recycled wood materials, create a set of building blocks. Besides making a quality, safe and beautiful set of hand crafted building blocks for your child, we are also building a life time of memories.    

All necessary machinery, supplies and materials are included.


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